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Our clients don’t hope for success – they expect it. That’s because all of our strategies, tactics, and creatives come from insights derived from data and experience. Our team of experts will parse through your business intelligence reports, mine customer and transactional databases, analyze marketing and analytics platforms, and reference any other related sources to develop informed strategies and custom reports that serve as the catalysts for growth.

History of Excellence

audience & customer profiling

Our award-winning, world-class Persona Development process entails segmenting your customer database, and applying quantitative and qualitative research to define multifarious personas. Defining and targeting the right audience is imperative to driving traction with efficacy.


analytics & custom reporting

Get completely custom analytics and reporting including all channels and sources in one dashboard, combined with our experts’ analysis to gain insights, measure return on investment, and drive growth strategy.


business intelligence analysis

Gain crucial insights into customer lifetime value, retention and repurchase rates, customer acquisition, and more through expert data-mining and business intelligence analysis. We will use your available datasets to derive insights that help you understand your business, products, marketing, sales, and customers deeper than ever before.


market & channel research

Derive impactful and important market and competitive insights to support growth strategy and tactics, product and/or service development, customer experience design, and more.


marketing models & forecasts

SR&B clients don’t hope to meet their goals, they expect to. Our team of experts provide a data-informed go-to market strategy leveraging channel research and tactical forecasting to accurately set expectations, empower and ensure success.

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