The Top10 Ways for Making a Likeable Facebook Page

Facebook is about more than just pictures of your best friend’s kiddos, your relative’s puppies and what your neighbor ate for dinner last night. It’s also about building your business. These days businesses seem more credible when they have an active social media presence. And while it can be hard for the traditonal marketer to understand, Facebook “likes” can oftentimes equal more business. That is why it is crucial to have a Facebook page that customers, both current and potential, want to “like.” Well how do you get these Facebook likes you ask? Keep reading and discover as we present to you the Top 10 Ways for a Making a Likeable Facebook Page.


1. Simplicity – Make your Facebook easy to find and then easy to read. Don’t use a different or shortened title of your business that will confuse customers. Once they get to your page put all of the important information about your business (ie: website, hours, location, contact information etc.) in the “About” section. Consumers want to be able to type your business into the search bar and find information right away.

2. Imagery – Don’t just post article after article after article. Use photos, videos, infographics or even GIFs to draw attention.

3. Engagement – Make sure all of your posts aren’t self-serving. Pose questions and polls to your users to keep them engaged. And if a user comments on a post, respond! If a Facebook user can not even get a quick one sentence respond to a comment, then you can rest assured they will have no faith that you will have customer service in real life. 

4. Length – Keep posts short, sweet and to the point. Users turn to Social Media for instant stimulation not a 500 word article from the Times.

5. Consistency – The worst possible way to approach Facebook is to create a page, post once, then never post again. You should view Facebook as a plant that needs to be watered every day. The best way to gain Facebook likes is to have a page where users know they can always find new content. 

6. Relevant – Stay up to date on current and trending topics. You don’t want to be the business that hops on a train too late, especially once it is out of the station. You don’t want to be the business that posts a meme two weeks after it is popular.

7. Creativity – Following-up relevancy, be sure to be original. While it’s important to adress trending topics, it’s equally important to be unique and create your own content.

8. Exclusivity – Offering promotional content that can only be found on your Facebook, whether it’s a freebie or discount, is a great way to send customers to your page.

9. Friendliness – Connect with your users on the page like a friend, not like a business. If Facebook users wanted automatic, robotic replies they would call a customer service number. 

10. Review – Once you draw users to your page, make sure to take a moment to step back and look at the results. Facebook provides a lot of great analytics tools specifically for this purpose.

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