The fundamentals of writing a captivating script for your marketing video

The most effective videos always follow a script. After all, without a script, how can you possibly convey your message to your intended target audience? While this may seem like common sense, the unfortunate fact is that many business owners underestimate just how important the script actually is. If you’re in the midst of creating a new video for your business, it’s imperative that you invest the time necessary to create a script that clearly and succinctly gets your message across with as little “fluff” as possible. After all, the shortest distance from Point A (which in this case is your video) and Point B (which is your intended target audience taking action) is a straight line.

Here are a few key things you’ll want to keep in mind as you go about crafting the content for a video script that’ll achieve your end goals and objectives:

Define your target audience

It’s crucial when you’re producing a script that you understand who your target audience is. So, for example, are you creating a video based on your new retirement home? If so, you shouldn’t be writing your script using a lot of slang words that your target demographic is probably not going to understand. If your script is directed to the wrong audience, it will not be seen and understood the way it was intended, which means your audience will simply disengage from the video altogether.

By truly knowing and understanding the demographic you’re trying to reach, you’ll be able to create a
storyline that resonates with your audience. So, when you sit down to write your script, write down your target audience at the top of the page, which will serve as a constant reminder of who you are truly supposed to be writing for.

Focus on one topic per video

When writing your script, as difficult as it might be, focus on one strong theme only. It’s easy to get off track and incorporate multiple items into a single video. Unfortunately, however, this can be the kiss of death when it comes to video creation. By sticking to one theme throughout your script, your message will be clear and coherent.

When you first sit down to work on your script, write a synopsis of what you plan on covering. And then, during the process of scriptwriting, constantly ask yourself, does this make sense in the context of this video theme? If it doesn’t, skip it.

Once you have your script written and you’re editing it, if you find yourself becoming lost when reading the storyline, this a clear sign that you’ve gotten sidetracked from your main theme. If you don’t understand your story, there’s no way your audience will, which means some edits are needed.

Create a compelling call to action

Every successful marketing marketing video has a “call to action” at the end. After all, you want your audience to take some sort of action – whether it’s to pick up the phone and call you, purchase a product or schedule an appointment – after they are done watching your video, don’t you? So be clear about what you want someone to do at the conclusion of the video. If you aren’t, the ROI generated on your video will likely be abysmal.


This is an extra step in the scriptwriting process, but one that we feel is worth the effort. After completing your script, allow others to read it and critique it. Often times, the feedback you receive from others can transform an OK script into something that’s out of this world.

By keeping the above tips in mind, you’ll wind up with a compelling video script that will both captivate and motivate your audience to buy your product or service. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what video marketing is all about?

If you find that you’re struggling to fine-tune your target audience, streamline your message or come up with an idea that’s both catchy AND creative, call the experts at SR&B Advertising at 410-893-3334. We have extensive experience in scripting and video production, and would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your needs.

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