How to measure your video’s effectiveness

When it comes to content marketing, different forms of media have different levels of impact. And depending on your marketing goals, there are times when the written word won’t suffice. In cases like these, video content marketing is often what’s needed to deliver the intended message more effectively.

A report by Demand Metric shows that 82 percent of B2B marketers surveyed in their study found success with video marketing. So clearly, video marketing is nothing to be scoffed at.

But the study’s results raise an important question: What does success mean with video? And more important, how do you measure a video’s success? The following are a few video marketing metrics to keep an eye on when measuring video performance:

Play rate

The play rate is a percentage or proportion of users (number of plays divided by the number of loads) that play your video. Obviously, when your play rate is a low number, it means people aren’t seeing your message.

There are a number of ways to optimize your play rate, some of which you may have already heard of.

  • Thumbnail. Pick a thumbnail that catches the viewer’s attention. A snapshot of an actual person or scene will be more clickable than a black thumbnail.
  • Above the fold. If you’re posting the video on your website, keep it above the fold to increase its chances of being played.
  • Size. Several studies show that the sweet spot for video size – the size with the highest average play rate – is between 401 pixels and 600 pixels.


Video marketing always has a goal. It can be:

  • Subscribing to a channel for more videos.
  • Clicking on the “buy” button.
  • Clicking on the “contact” button to get in touch with a customer representative.

In any case, your conversion rate is measured by calculating the percentage of people who’ve made a desired action. Conversions are the primary metric for business success. If a video was designed to drive sales, your conversion rate will be tied directly to your revenue.

Optimizing your conversion rate starts with something as simple as a call to action, but there are factors to consider.

  • Keep it simple. The simpler the CTA, the better. With people’s short-attention spans on the internet, the fewer words it takes to encourage a user to take action, the better its effectiveness.
  • Use “action” language. You literally want to tell your viewers what to do: subscribe, click, like and follow are all examples of actionable words.

Social shares

This metric refers to the number of times your video was shared on social media sites. If you want to know your video’s reach, this metric is where you should start looking. It’s basically a metric to gauge word-of-mouth in the context of videos.

You can increase your video’s shareability by doing the following:

  • Make your video shareable. Use social buttons to make sharing as easy as one click.
  • Include sharing in your CTA. Tell people to share your videos.

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