55+ year full-service omni-channel agency with a 92% annual client retention rate, 9 NPS score, and a 2.2 viral coefficient.

Since 1964, we've never paid for an award, run an ad, sent a cold email, or hired an outside sales team to gain a client. In that time, our work has won dozens of awards and generated thousands of referrals.


Awards are cool but referrals are definitive. We expect to impress you with our first touchpoint, get referrals from you without ever asking, and work together for at least 5 years without any annual contracts. Our standards are high and our people are the best. We hate yesterday’s work because it could be better, but always look forward to tomorrow.

We are proud yet humble, strong yet caring, smart yet approachable, creative yet practical, and disruptive yet pragmatic. For over 55 years, we’ve developed a 5-star reputation for delivering client experiences above and beyond expectations.

55+ Years 100's of Clients
History of Excellence


Our history gives us an edge — We have deeply defined values, and the foundation to take risks.

Strakes, Roberts & Bauer Advertising’s (SR&B) corporate entity, Strakes Colossus Corporation, was founded in 1964 as a regional advertising agency serving Baltimore-area clients. In 1988, Carl G. Bauer and Robert S. Cocnavitch acquired the company, and steered the agency through the nascent waters of the digital age to now, as we patiently await Siri to self-actualize and take over the world.

AI’s imminent coup aside, SR&B’s ability to adapt remains the bedrock of our company. We’ve evolved in lock step with the ever-changing industry landscape, but our values and client commitment have never wavered.

As the torch is passed to Chad Bauer, SR&B’s new Managing Director, we’re excited to broaden our scope of work, diversify our client offerings, and continue our dedication to excellent service and deliverables.

55+ Years
100's of Clients

our method

Our proprietary process informs growth and empowers performance at scale. We believe that prescription without diagnosis is malpractice. At the outset of every project we conduct exhaustive research of your company, your goals, the market, and your place in it. We practice an iterative approach to agile omni-channel growth marketing called Rapid Traction Testing.

This methodology allows us to rapidly test different strategies, tactics, channels, audiences, and creatives to identify traction, drive performance, and accelerate growth. With every client and every project, we set expectations by providing a clear roadmap of projects, campaigns, and performance milestones that are informed by our proprietary models and forecasts. With our process, we don’t hope to outperform goals… we expect to.

our method

our values

SR&B understands that we’re an extension of our client’s business and marketing departments, and we take that very seriously.

Our Values

We’re an agency of integrity. We put every ounce of our talent and drive into each project, and take pride in delivering the absolute best work we can. But this isn’t the only reason we have such a high client retention rate.

Companies stick with us because we’re accountable. If we make a mistake, we own up to it and fix it. If the client wants something we can’t do, we’re transparent and outsource, or work like Hell to figure it out. We work respectfully and collaboratively, and take joy in the process of creating excellent campaigns not only for our clients, but with them.

Our team cares about each other. We know each other’s families, sports teams, and beer preferences. We make each other laugh, and support each other through late nights, tough losses, and major wins. We’re confident but humble, fun but driven. In short, we’re here to deliver the best work in the best way.

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